Northamptonshires Heritage

Posted by mick Henson on July 30, 2017

 “Northamptonshires Heritage”

The Boot & Shoe and Tannery industries

Mick Henson at work in his workshop

Model of sculpture “Northamptonshires Heritage”

Kettfest 2017

Posted by mick Henson on June 9, 2017

Kettering’s Art,Culture and Music Festival (June 9 to 11)

It’s been a busy week preparing and painting my sculpture for Kettering Kettfest in the grounds of Wicksteed park. The park is also putting on “Wicksteed at War “over the Saturday and Sunday with the Military Vehicle Trust displaying more than 120 military vehicles.

The festival is taking place right across Kettering. You’ll be able to sample fine ales, music and comedy with exhibitions at the Manor House Museum and Alfred East Art Gallery.

Wellingborough’s Medieval Featival

Posted by mick Henson on June 8, 2017

Wellingborough’s Medieval Festival is now in its 5th year. I’ve been unable to take part in previous years due to the lack of exhibition space in the town centre. This year the town has created a new Events Space in the market area with good access so I’m able to take part in the festival.

My Black Prince will be on display from June 2nd till 22nd

Black Prince Wellingborough’s Market Events Space 

Transit van Vanquish 

Camping weekends in my crazy camper van

Posted by mick Henson on September 10, 2016

We had some great camping weekends in are home built camper van, the camper was built just for fun and to use on fishing trips so I could camp down by the lakeside.

Camper van holiday

                   We also used it on short break camping weekend holidays. 

wood burner in corner of camper

                         Some repairs always had to be made .

repairing camper van

                In the end the camper proved to be too heavy, so it was dismantled 

Psychedelic van

Posted by mick Henson on September 8, 2016

Taking a trip (camping trip)        “Chasing the dragon” or in this case being chased by the dragon           Theirs something magic about this picture?.                  Pyschedelic van               (  Reality is merely an illusion  )

Abstract Designs

Posted by mick on January 3, 2011


On this page I will be going through the process of producing a sculpture from the idea to the finished sculpture starting with the small models called Maquette’s.

The students are shown how to make the Maquette’s in the welding workshops from steel tube which can easily be welded together in just a couple of hour’s tuition.  

Maquette’s can be made from any material you have to hand. card, foam and plastic after they are cleaned up and sprayed pictures are taken and supper imposed on images of landscapes, gardens, etc. 

This process is ideal for working out the size of the required sculpture, colour and the best location for the installation

The maquette on the left is extended in photoshop and super imposed on a garden image



This maquette is also extended and had the colour changed