Posted by mick on December 31, 2010


The Sirsasana or headstand sculpture first displayed at Wicksteed Park.  Made from recycled material and stands at 11 ft (3350mm)

Over the past 4 years Sirsasana or Head stand has been on display outside Billing Aquadrome’s leisure centre “The Venue” it’s well over due for a strip down and new paint job. It’s going to be replaced by the Nordic walking sculpture for the summer season. The “Nordic walker” has just been used as part of the display at the Castle theatre for Wellingborough’s international Waendel Walk. the sculpture shares the same design style and made from the same recycled conveyor bed material. As an maintenance engineer I worked on these conveyors before I was made redundant

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<p>In these two pictures you can see the sculpture taking shape with the green conveyor beds in the back ground.</p>

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