The Four Elements

Posted by mick on December 31, 2010

The Four Elements

They are the four elements of the ancient world: earth, wind, fire and water.
Each sculpture represents an element: Son of the Soil, Green Genie, Vulcan and Poseidon.
The project started 6 years ago with the “Son of the Soil” being installed in the grounds as part of the Castle’s 10th anniversary.

This exhibition is on from January till March 2011 its “Vulcan’s” premiere showing and the first time all four elements are brought together

Son Of The Soil sculpture

Son Of The Soil

Green Genie fibre glass

Green Genie

Vulcan God of fire


Poseidon sculpture


Four Elements, Greek pottery

The “Four Elements” image is base on the ancient Greek pottery styles

Poseidon fishing
Poseidon Fishing