Fibre glass sculpture “Green Genie”

Posted by mick Henson on November 17, 2017

Fibreglass sculpture “Green Genie”

Barton Hall Kettering has been many things before becoming Barton Hall Hotel.
Mick Henson was an artist in residents at the Halls stables from 2006 to 2012 before the building was sold to Barton Hall Hotel Group
He produced many of he’s locally well-known sculptures at the Hall including 3 fibreglass sculptures and many more steel Sculptures, that would later go on and be display at Wicksteed Park.
Green Genie was the second fiberglass sculpture of the four elements, but the first to be made at the Hall; he finished the Genie in 2007 for Northamptonshire’s open studios.
After Open Studios Green Genie went on to be displayed at various venues.
In 2010 he finished all four elements in time for the exhibition in January 2011 inside the grounds of Wellingborough’s Castle Theatre, this is the only time all four sculptures have been exhibited together
The exhibition finished in April, Green Genie, Poseidon and Vulcan went on to Woburn Abbey sculpture park to take part in the Artbeat exhibition after the exhibition He then took only Green Genie and Vulcan to Althrop House to be on display in their sculpture exhibition
From 2015 Green Genie, Poseidon and Vulcan have been on display at Wollaston museum’s gardens. Green Genie became 10 years old in 2017 and it’s still as popular with the public as the first day it was on display

new paper clip






Castle Theatre Wellingborough










Woburn Abbey 2011

Althorp House











Green Genie Wollaston Museum 

Fibre Glass

Posted by mick Henson on October 20, 2017

Billing Aquadrome’s  Venue has new sculpture

Posted by mick Henson on May 17, 2017

For almost 4 years the Head stand sculpture has been on display outside Billing Aquadrome’s leisure centre “The Venue” it’s well over due for a strip down and new paint job. Originally called Sirasana or Head Stand it is now known as “The Diver” to all who work and live at the park. It’s going to be replaced by the Nordic walking sculpture for the summer season. The “Nordic walker” has just been used as part of the display at the Castle theatre for Wellingborough’s international Waendel Walk

The Diver

Unloading the Nordic Walker

Outside Billing Aquadrome’s The Venue