St George’s Day 2019

Posted by admin on April 20, 2019

This years St George’s Day is just around the corner, Over the past 7 years I’ve celebrated St George’s day in a fun and positive way, it important for me to express the pride I feel living in a country with all the opportunities and benefit’s we have.

I try to give the day more of a carnival atmosphere than just a flag-waving day.

St George is a robot knight of the future and the Dragon is multi coloured.

Each year they would have a different theme the first year he was a Hippie, over the years he been everything from a caveman to a biker in a crash helmet. 

In previous years St George would be put in Northampton market square a week before and on the 23rd we would then drive round with the Dragon float, unfortunately last year the Dragon float had to be dismantled. So this year the van is painted in all the Dragons and Georges from previous years, now for the first time I can tour around all of local George and Dragon Pubs and Hotels in the area. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for quite a few years 

On the 23rd I will be starting of at the George and Dragon in Bedford Town centre, then on to the George and dragon at Potton, from Potton to George and Dragon at Eaton Socon and then on the George and Dragon at Raunds  from Raunds to the Green Drangon in Higham Ferrers and on to George at Wilby., I’ve managed to contact a few pubs to say we will be on are way round I will then 

Finish at Wicksteed park to meet up with the George Sculpture.