Ancestors Art

Posted by mick Henson on September 5, 2020

Ancester Art van design 2018

Ancestors Art is the next stage in the evolution of the arts, early cave art is about the magnificent beasts they share the land with. Ancestors art is inspired by the Gods and religions as man tries to make sense of his place in the world.

Ancestors Art 2018
Transit van Ancestors Art

George and Dragon

Posted by mick Henson on September 5, 2020

Knight and Dragon

Every year for the past 7 years I’ve celebrated St George’s Day with the Knight sculpture and fibre glass dragon. The dragon was dismantled in 2018, so for 2019 I painted the van in every St George’s day theme I used over the years. To celebrate St George’s Day I visited 6 George and Dragon pubs on the day, and 15 in all over the year.

George and Dragon 2019

Transit Shed

Posted by mick Henson on August 31, 2020

Transit van camper

Turning the van into a shed was probably the craziest idea I’ve had. Unbelievably building sheds or cabins on vehicles goes right back to the invention of the automobile, although it wasn’t very practical it was great fun for camping and taking part in carnivals.

Transit van 2013


Posted by mick Henson on April 26, 2017

Medieval design for 2017

In 2017 I was asked to promote a few medieval weekends with the knight sculpture, so giving the van a medieval design enhanced the visual effects of the sculpture and display.

Vanquish 2017


Vanquish medieval design 2017

Astrological Transit

Posted by mick Henson on September 9, 2016

12 Zodiac signs 2015

Astrological Transit is the movement of the planets used by fortune tellers to read your horoscopes. It’s also a great play on words. this is the only time the same colour was used in a different design.

Zodiac Signs


Astrological Transit


Hippie van

Posted by mick Henson on September 8, 2016

Flower Power 2012

The first paint design wasn’t a political statement or to declare a life choice, it was just a cheap and quick paint job to cover the rust on the van and extend it’s life a few more years. At the same time I became aware of a local Transit van show just a couple of weeks away, making it an even tighter deadline to complete. It turned out to be great fun! and from then on I was hooked. I’ve now repainted the van with a different design every year.



Cave painting

Posted by mick Henson on August 19, 2016

Inspiration behind the Transit design 2016

From the very first time I saw the Lascaux cave paintings, I became completely fascinated with the detail of the animals their use of colour and contours of the cave, they are truly great works of art. These early artist had so little to work with and still produced works of art that inspire artist thousands of years later. I’ve reproduced many of the Lascaux cave paintings and other cave paintings on my Transit van in tribute to the pioneering cavemen of the past. So many more people can enjoy the cave art of are ancestors.