X-ray of Egyptian Sarcophagus

X-ray of Egyptian sarcophagus


The recent discovery of an old X-ray of a Egyptian sarcophagus taken in 1898 could possibly prove the existence of the little known spirit ” Green Genie”. Very little evidence of this entity existence has been found, he has appeared in a few ancient civilisations sites and in hieroglyphics. He was believed to be protector of the forest and grass lands, but fell out of favour with the emergence of Christianity. The sarcophagus was opened after the X-ray and was found to be empty, at the time it was believed the X-ray machine may have been faulty. Then quite by chance in 2006 a museum curator came across the X-ray and started to put together all the fragments of information. More research is still needed before the findings are published.

You can quite clearly make out the image of the Green Genie.











Green Genie spotted in wooded area clearing

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