Robot 09

Robot 09

09 is made to educate, engage and inspire the young about art, making them appreciate and enjoy. The fundamental question (what is art! )

09’s first job was standing guard at the entrance of Billing Aquadrome’s venue. The original plan was for it too become an automaton, each year adding more movement. Unfortunately this didn’t materialize, last year 09 took part in Wellingborough’s Wellifest it was a real crowd pleaser with everyone drawing Robots and having their photo’s with him. I finished up with over 50 artworks within a couple of hours and nowhere to display them.

In 2019 I was invited to take part in Wicksteed Parks fun day taking both “09” and “Fire Fighter” this also was a fantastic day with both spraying water and CO2.

Robot 09 Moon Base

moon base
Wellifest and some of the children’s artwork
robot army
Robot Army
Robot 1.2.3
Vintage Robots

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