Northamptonshire’s Shoe 2020

                                              New Project For 2020

                                            Northamptonshire’s Shoe

The sculpture for this year will not only be inspired by Northamptonshire’s shoe industry it will also incorporate in it’s design artwork from Kettering Park Junior Academy’s year 3.

They will also be taking an in-depth look at Kettering heritage, how it’s changed over the years and it’s plans for the future. This will be there inspiration for the artwork covering the outside of the sculpture. The shoe trade has had an enormous influence in shaping the town providing work and economical success during it’s long history, even today it still well known for it world class quality shoes

The shoe sculpture is made from clicking press knifes used to cut out the components to make shoes, the knifes have come from three local shoe factories Barker Shoes, Loake’s Shoes and N.P.S Shoes.

The press knifes when welded together will make up the frame work to hold Year 3’s designs.

We are only in the third week of the new year and the sculpture has gone from the design to a recognisable sculpture, the fast pace of the sculpture is essential to ensure the children have all the materials they require to work on there designs.

Hydraulic press used over the press knifes to cut out the shapes

Easter 2020 Exhibition Canceled

The shoe sculpture is now finished, unfortunately due to the Coronavirus ( Covid-19 ) and the lockdown the school was unable to install their designs into the shoe ready for the display in Kettering Museum at Easter.

We are all feeling disappointed and looking forward to exhibiting after the social distancing and lockdown as finished

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