Art Car

            Art Car project Transit van 

  An Art Car is a vehicle that has had its appearance modified as an act of personal artistic expression. Many influences are credited to the rise of Art Car from the hippie VW to the psychedelic school buses from the 60’s and 70’s.                                                                              The Art Car following really took off in the 90’s with added inspiration from Sci Fi books and films. Today there’s Art car parades and even an Art Car museum, not only is the Transit van my workhorse it’s also a hobby and artistic outlet. Every year the Transit van has undergone a complete transformation.                     

                                                   Transit van 2012

                                                  Transit van 2013

                                         Transit van 2014

                                            Transit van 2015

Transit van 2016

Transit van 2017
Ancester Art 2018
Transit van 2019
Transit van 2020

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