St George’s Day Northampton 2013- 2017

 St George’s Day Northampton Towns Market Square  2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017

I’ve Celebrated St George’s Day in Northampton for the past five years. And in the those five years I’ve been reinventing St George’s day for the 21st century by giving it a new theme every year. 2013 was flower power, 2014 zodiac man, 2015 psychedelic, 2016 Cavemen and Cave paintings and 2017 a medieval theme. St George became the Black Knight which is not unusual as he’s been depicted in black many times over the centuries. It still has a modern twist I dressed in black leathers and motorcycle helmet. We then take the Dragon around the town and finished at Abington Park, I’m hoping this will make it more of a carnival atmosphere rather than just a flag waving day.

St George’s Day 2013

St George’s Day 20142014 St George's Dragon

St George’s Day 2015

St George’s Day 2016

St George’s Day 2017


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