Early Exhibitions

                        THE FOUR ELEMENTS

At Wellingborough’s Castle Theatre From January till March 2011

They are the four elements of the ancient world: earth, wind, fire and water. Each sculpture represents an element: Son of the Soil, Green Genie, Vulcan and Poseidon.The project started 6 years ago with the “Son of the Soil” being installed in the grounds as part of the Castle’s 10th anniversary and this will be the first time all four elements are brought together


                            Woburn Artbeat

15th April – 31st July  2011

After the success of “The Four Elements” exhibition at Wellingborough’s Castle theatre.

Green Genie, Vulcan and Poseidon have now been taken to Woburn Abbeys sculpture park, to be part of the Woburn Artbeat exhibition


September 2011

                WICKSTEED PARK

Templar Knight, Sisrasana, Nordic Skier and Valcan can all be seen at Wicksteed Park till the end of January 2012

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