Fire Fighter

Fire Fighter

“Fire Fighter” is assembled from over 130 scrapped fire extinguishers.

UK fire regulation recommends that they should be replaced every 5 years.

Making a sculpture from fire extinguishers is not only environmentally friendly they can still be used in a fun and positive way in the education of fire safety.

The fire fighter became the most difficult project I’ve ever completed, it took almost 5 years of collecting, cutting, cleaning and welding of the fire extinguishers before starting to assemble. Many times I contemplated about moving on and calling it a day, and so it was banished to the corner of the studio. But I knew it had to be completed and after a few months would be drawn back. The sculpture was finished in time for the local towns September festival in 2018.

Wicksteed park 2019

“Fire Fighter” sculpture and Robot 09 was used in the Wicksteed Park fun day, image taken with two of Kettering’s firemen

Fire Fighters sculpture

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